Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Almost There!

We've been making progress!  We've purchased a new minivan to carry our belongings (maybe it's a good thing we're not limited to just two large suitcases!).  We've purchased all the new clothing we'll need, we have several bins packed with bathroom, kitchen and bedroom supplies.  Our sacrament meeting talks are in the process of being prepared, driver's license renewal scheduled for tomorrow and family history pedigree charts are printed and ready to go.  Life is good!!  Just a few more things left on our list:  taxes, dispensing of "family" business, mending of new fence😬, wills, etc.  Hopefully we'll be able to finish up by the time we go and if not, the list will still be here when we return.  we're getting excited to see just what the next few months will hold for us!

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